How long do cat tapeworms live?

Question by msako: How long do cat tapeworms live?
I saw these weird white things so I took my cat to the vet. It turns out she has tapeworms. By the way, our cat doesn’t have fleas, the vet checked. Anyways, I was just curious about how long a single adult CAT tapeworm can live inside a cat. I heard that human tapeworms can live 20-30 years!

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Answer by Chalice
Tapeworms will live indefinitely in an animal because they reproduce, so even when they die off more will take their place. The little white rice segments you see in your cat’s poo or round his butt are segments of the tapeworm that contain eggs. Also, tapeworms are not only passed in fleas – they can come from eating prey, sniffing round other animal’s poo or if you’ve fed the cat any raw meat.

Presumably the vet gave you worm medication for the cat – in which case all the worms will die off within a couple of days! You’ll see them coming out in her poo.


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  1. Hopefully you will have gotten medicine to get rid of the tapeworms. Otherwise, you could get them too. Tapeworms can last indefinitely, feeding off your kitty. This is bad for your kitty!. One of the 9 cats we adopted had tapeworms, and it stunted her growth drastically until we took care of the problem. Once you have given her all of the medication, the tapeworms will be gone and will not come back unless you let her outside and she goes and feeds off of whatever she ate to give her the tapeworms the last time. This is a good argument for keeping kittys inside….

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