What fish can I add to my 55 gallon tropical fish tank?

Question by Travis strong : What fish can add up my 55 gallon tropical fish tank ?
I recently purchased a 55 gallon tank and need help on what fish should add. I dont really just want all the small fish are friendly tho I want to have at least one “big fish”. Strong Best answer:
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best thing to do is to look around online and in stores, and find a fish that you really like, and can thrive in your tank size and conditions. Then, plan to tankmates and composed about fish.

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  1. Be carefull .. Fish ‘big’ usually eat fish vogël.Unë would suggest a gourami as your big fish, and a larger community or semi-aggressive fish to go with të.Kribensis or arrows Cichlids.Peshk RainbowKongo TETRASShigjeta TigerYoyo LoachesBristlenose PlecosJo all at the same time, but those are some suggestions anyway, and basically everyone can live bashku.Ian

  2. Shark … Iridescent (Http :/ / http://www.aqualandpetsplus.com / Catfish, 20Pangassius.htm%) I had them in my 55 it grew to about 7 inches My little fish was a dwarf gouramis. (Http :/ / aqualandpetsplus.com / Gouramis, 20Miscellaneous.htm%) also another fish that gets really great is a Pacu (http://aqualandpetsplus.com/Tetras, 20Pacus.htm%). They are herbivores, so they will not eat your other fish. I had one of these too. But be warned they grow really good shpejtë.Fat.

  3. I would suggest a Discus as “big fish” your http://www.aqua-fish.net/show.php?h=discusfish. In my opinion they are the most beautiful tropical fish, and are not aggressive to smaller fish at all. On the down side though, they do require water changes fairly frequently (I suggest 10% weekly), and it is better to feed them frozen shrimp and blood worms / brine rather than flame. But they are worth it!

  4. you should get a datnoid for your Biggy, but be careful, are carnivorous. i dont relly know if they eat other fish smaller or those just sick. sticking with the sick, and the fact that you will be a good aquarist, id put in a school of barbs Rosaline / Denison, a large gourami, a school of giant danios and a pleco.

  5. I used to have a tank with a green terror a beautiful fish that grow to nine inches a cichlid a cichlid Sunburst Jack Dempsey and an albino oscar they should get together for as long as you put them in at the same time

  6. Plecos or loaches like clowns or yoyos are usually the best choice for big fish in a small fish tank. They are plant-eating and not bother other residents. I would recommend putting in your tank bogwood and providing more plants, and feeding the algae and plants at least once a day. Loaches tend to school, so I’ll stick with pleco if you’re going to go this rrugë.Alternative, a community angelfish, angelfish paired with some great TETRAS as nose or cardinals or Congost rum, or some livebearers like platies or Mollies, and some bottom-feeders like, again, loaches, Plecos, Corydoras (tiny!), or OTOS (less!). Try to avoid going too low (stick with fish that are two inches or more), or else your little fish will become a snack for engjëjt.Disa ideas for your small fish: TETRAS NeonTETRAS kardinaliTETRAS Rum-hundëRasboras palaçoRasboras xhuxhMustak CorydorasOtoclinusTETRAS GlowlightZebra Danio (stinging) Black Skirt Tetra (stinging) Arrows qershiKjo is some of the more common ones. I would recommend visiting the local fish stores and picking and choosing which ones you like the look of, and then going home and researching all of them. A good source to start the research is Aquarium Wiki.

  7. I have a sailfin plec, it is about 10 inches long now, it mostly comes out at night, but you can see it in his day under the rock where he lives. He does not eat fish vogël.Gold Gouramis are beautiful and colorful, they grow too large. I had two men, but he bullied another and she sadly died.

  8. Well, there are many options out there, so first decide on what kind of fish you like, If you prefer larger fish, small fish, or fish schools. Also, you like fish aggressive, moderately aggressive fish, or any aggressive fish. You can get angelfish (small to large), tiger barbs (small to medium), or Black Mollies (small). If you want some bottom feeders on top of those, there’s always red clawed crabs (mostly secondary), African dwarf frogs (small to large), or even something like a shrimp. There are several types of catfish, or sharks that you can get if your fish more aggressive type. They have catfish of all sizes, and those that you can get moderately aggressive, very aggressive, and I’m pretty sure you can not get them aggressive., And they also have sharks of all sizes, but most of them are quite aggressive. Well, sorry this was so long, but I hope that helped. Have fun with the fish.

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